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The company10 & 10 dance was founded in October 1989 in Madrid, Spain. The founding group of the company was formed by Nati Aguilar, Pedro Berdäyes, María Fernández del Castillo, Eduardo Ruiz, Mónica Runde and Fernando Vera. The trigger for creating the group was winning first prize in the III Madrid Choreographic Contest awarded to Pedro Berdäyes for his choreography "Kitatióh" performed by the entire group, including himself.

With the first programme, Rush Hour, the foundations of the company were established until 2004. Company with double artistic direction and those responsible for creation, Pedro Berdäyes and Mónica Runde, and the rest of the members and themselves as interpreters. Initially, production was carried out as a team, distributing the work among all of them, and later the company's production would be led by Mónica Runde.

10 & 10 dance was then renamed10 & 10 dance - Berdäyes & runde.

One of the characteristics of the company from 1989 to 2001 was the presentation of two independent choreographic works, one by Berdäyes and the other by Runde, always both choreographies under a generic title. From 2001 to 2004 the choreographies are shared between both creators. From 2005 onwards, when Berdäyes left the company to dedicate himself to pedagogical work at the Royal Professional Dance Conservatory of Madrid, the works are one-person by Mónica Runde, as well as the artistic direction of the company.

The nomenclature changes to10 & 10 dance - Mónica Runde.


Inés Narváez, Mónica Runde and Elisa Sanz, after several creations together, decide to assume the co-direction in 2020, changing the methodologies, the aesthetics and even the creative fields and their exhibition. They abandon the surname "dance" which becomes part of many others... action, performance, stage act, installation... in short, the new  

10 & 10 - Narvaez, Runde, Sanz.


1989 - 1999

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2000 - 2009

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2010 - 2019


2020 -


Images 1989 -

We appreciate the work of Documentation Center for Performing Arts and Music (Formerly CDMD) - INAEM for the donation of the recordings made by them, without them we would not have archive images of many of our choreographies.

The images cannot be used for any purpose without the authorization of the company and/or the authors of the Choreographic works and video recording.

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