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 Graduated in Scenography from the Royal School of Dramatic Art in Madrid (2002) and awarded a scholarship to take a European Master in Scenography between the London schools and the Utrecht School of Art, the Netherlands, “Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design. The London Institute” 1996 / 97.  

Promoter and current president of the Association of Performing Arts Artists of Spain (AAPEE) and with 25 years of profession behind her, she has been deserving of 8 MAX AWARDS for Performing Arts (4 for the best stage space and 4 for the best costumes). The last one for Best Space for “Bodas de Sangre” CDN  and for the best wardrobe for “Play” by Aracaladanza. In addition, she has been nominated five other times and won several FETEN awards, the Adriá Gual award for best costumes for "La Avería", and other mentions such as the City of Burgos Creativity Award 2012 and the Cultural Values Award 2022 granted by Caja Rural de Burgos.

In dance, she has worked, among others, with Teresa Nieto, Rocío Carrasco, Daniel Doña and with 10&10 Danza in the last 20 years in all their productions. She is currently part of "10&10 Narváez, Runde, Sanz" being co-director and co-designer in their productions "Dos de Gala" premiered at Teatros del Canal, "Vivo Vivaldi" premiered at Matadero Madrid and "Precipitados" premiered at April 2022 at Teatros del Canal in Madrid.

In theater and dance for all audiences, he has been designing costumes and stage space at the Aracaladanza company for more than 15 years in all its productions, the latest being “Clouds”, “Constelaciones”, “Vuelos”, “Play” and “Loop”. . In the last 4 years he has collaborated with Marie de Jongh, designing stage space and costumes in her latest productions “Amour”, “Estrella” and “Ama”. Both companies have received the National Children's and Youth Theater Award. 

In theater he has worked with directors such as: Marco Carniti, Quino Falero, Juan José Afonso, Javier Yagüe, Jerome Savary, Claudio Tolcachir, Mikel Gómez de Segura, José Luis Gómez, John Strasberg, Blanca Portillo, Carlos Aladro, Ricard Regüan, Mariano Barroso, David Serrano, Pablo Messiez, Luis Luque, Ainhoa Amestoy, Daniel Veronese, Natalia Menéndez, Juan Mayorga, among others. 

The titles of his latest works in 2020/2022 are: "Copenhague" directed by Claudio Tolcachir, "La verbena de la Paloma" and "Los días feliz" directed by Pablo Messiez, set design for the "Max Awards 2019", "Taxi Girl ” directed by Javier Giner, “Tribes” directed by Julián Fuentes Reta, “Two o'clock” directed by Natalia Menéndez, “La Panadera” by Sandra Ferrús, “Amores en zarza” directed by Rita Consentino for the Zarza project, “Silencio ” by Juan Mayorga with Blanca Portillo, and “The costume, the cards and luck” at the National Classical Theater Company.

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